MVs & Live Clips

FYI, CJK stands for Chinese, Japanese, Korean. I’m a person who is obsessed with music videos, particularly from Korean music.

I am all for sharing MVs but I do hope you respect my wishes of not taking the links that I have uploaded and re-post them elsewhere – that’s hotlinking and stealing links. You may download them and re-upload on your own and post that link.

I also hope you will do the same (not hotlinking) for the screencaps.

I would appreciate it if you can comment on the videos that you have downloaded 🙂

I will not be re-uploading the expired file links.

Most recent uploaded video(s):


Most recent uploaded live clip(s):




14 thoughts on “MVs & Live Clips

  1. hey cool. thanks! i just discovered ur site but i’m definitely bookmarking it..
    i love music videos..and more recently, performances esp for korean stuff too!

    i’m gonna see if i can discover some new music out of this =)

  2. You should definitely watch Eru’s “Wintering” [MV], it also has an all-star cast and is funny. The beginning minute is kind of useless, but that is only because it is not during the song.

  3. ^ oh I use GOMplayer (korean media player) to do screencaps coz you can watch it and then screencap at the same time…it’s still manual although if I remembered correctly, there’s a setting in the player to capture every x seconds or so…I like manual better 😛

  4. Hi there. Just wondering is there a process required to download the MV’s? I’ve tried a few but they all say its not available? Wanted to watch monday kiz……. =(

    Hopefully its all fixed up soon. Another awesome site which appreciates Kpop/Cpop/Jpop.

  5. not really, but I think most of the MV links are dead (not sure if I want to re-upload, depending on my time). Have you tried the 2 latest MVs that I have uploaded. Click on Monday Kiz in the categories list.

  6. hey there. haven’t been here in quite a while and I stumbled upon the latest YDH’s Love Letter with V.O.S. and Sweet Sorrow and I fell in love straight away (not that I wasn’t a fan before). I think they should combine and come to Malaysia for a performance or something 🙂 (wishful thinking but don’t care. hee) And then I thought of dropping by ‘cos I know you used to post a lot on this show, and just wanna say “YOU SOOOO SHOULD CHECK IT OUT TOO” 🙂 Thanks, I think I started watching that show eversince you posted about it.. on which artiste I can’t really remember 🙂

  7. do any one know T.O (Footprints)
    Footprints 발자국
    i wanna find more information about it
    and also the album for monday kiz (far away) (scar) that one inside story

  8. Hey wheres okane ga nai? will you make sum clips from that for me cause Im at school and this is one of the only good websites i can go on see you ( minding that okane ga nai is yaoi ( gayness ))

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