[Live] Wheesung – Music Space 31st Oct 2007

Besides Tim, Wheesung also appeared on the same Music Space programme (31st Oct 2007). Wheesung sang quite a number of songs in that show. Even though he didn’t sing a complete “Mi In”, I was happy because he performed that song. It’s my fav song of his Vol 2.

I also preferred his rendition of “Even If It Hurts” here because IMO, his other live renditions of this song in various Music shows (Music Core, Music Bank, etc) was shorter. Actually, his rendition in Yoon Do Hyun Love Letter show was good too but I didn’t have that clip in my PC right now.

Songs: Even If It Hurts, Mi In (A Beauty), Ahn Dwae Na Yo, Love Is Delicious, Incurable Disease (encore part)

Please comment if you have downloaded and watched the clip. Thank you.

Download clip (165 MB)
Please do not re-distribute the file elsewhere, unless you have my permission

Original Source Credit: KoreanEnt or Cashewmania (sorry, I have forgotten which one of the 2 that I downloaded from)


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