[Live] SoulStar – A Song For Mama

I actually ripped this clip from youtube (i.e. converted the flash to avi). I believed this was from one of their many radio performances. As always, their harmonizing was really good. I like the (unspoken) interaction between Seung Woo and Gyu Hoon when Chang Geun was singing. Gyu Hoon was asking Seung Woo if he could sing the part by moving his hands and looking at Seung Woo. I also like this clip because it really showed the amazing high pitch vocal that Chang Geun had.

If I’m not mistaken, A Song For Mama is by Boyz II Men. SoulStar members are big fans (at least I knew for sure Chang Geun and Gyu Hoon are, not very sure if Seung Woo is) of Boyz II Men.

Who’s who:

  • Seung Woo is the guy on the left wearing the striped shirt
  • Gyu Hoon is the guy in the middle
  • Chang Geun is the guy in black on the right

Please comment if you have downloaded and watched the clip. Thank you.

Download clip (33 MB)
Please do not re-distribute the file elsewhere, unless you have my permission

Original Source Credit: Youtube


5 thoughts on “[Live] SoulStar – A Song For Mama

  1. I’m happy you like it. Have you listened to their covers of Tell Me It’s Real, End of The Road, etc. (Boyz II Men songs). They like to do Boyz II Men covers a lot during live perf.

  2. No, I haven’t heard anything from them other than what’s on their First Story and 2nd Single releases, or the videos you’ve posted.

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