[MV] Son Ho Young – I Know

Here it is – the full version. Havent take a listen to his full album yet, maybe will do during this weekend.

Im surprised that Tim is in this video, though only briefly. Somehow I have a feeling that Tim will be in his second song title video too (a ballad one). Tim just appeared too briefly in this MV O_O .

There’s also this guy that looks like the guy that is currently starring in Beethoven Virus – Jang Geun Suk. Is it him? Anyone knows who is the girl?

^ From this angle, the hair doesnt look as bad 😛

^ but I still like this pose 🙂

^ Tim…

^ Jang Geun Suk ??? with who ?

Download MV – 37 MB
Note: Please do not post the file link elsewhere


7 thoughts on “[MV] Son Ho Young – I Know

  1. ohh tim looks so handsome!

    the chick with jang geun seuk is park shin hye – actress! shes so pretty umms she was in heaven’s tree with lee wan

    thanks so much for sharing <33

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