[MV] All Star 2 – Baek Ji Young – Sarang Ddawi

I finally managed to obtain all except 2 of the mvs from Cho Young Soo’s All Star 2 album. Basically most of the mvs have the same scenes but edited differently. I have chosen to upload only Baek Ji Young and V.O.S.

BJY version featured the girl’s point of view while V.O.S version told the boy’s point of view. There’s an interlude in the mv where the girl (and boy) talked to the owner of the cafe about something… if you know what do they talked about, please tell me. I want to understand the MV better. And I have no idea which MV comes first.

Oh, Cho Young Soo made an appearance in the MV… is this the first time he did so??

One more thing, the girl looks really familiar like I’ve seen here somewhere but I don’t really remember … as for the guy, I don’t recall his name but he was the 2nd lead in Only You, the romantic comedy starring Han Chae Young and Jo Hyun Jae.

^ that’s super-composer Cho Young Soo 🙂

Note: Please do not hotlink file and post the file link elsewhere

Download MV – 64 MB


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