[Live] Tim – Music Space 31st Oct 2007

Yeah, old clip. Wanted to upload this clip a long time ago, ever since I had it but couldn’t find the program to split the original Music Space into Tim’s part. Finally, kuaisky helped me find the right program (thanks!). He only sang 2 songs here but I like his performance. I love his Vol 4!

BTW, I just realised – it’s been aeons since I last posted some live clips.

Songs: I Love You, As Much As I Love (or To Some Degree of Love)

Please comment if you have downloaded and watched the clip. Thank you.

Download clip (130 MB)
Please do not re-distribute the file elsewhere, unless you have my permission

Original Source Credit: KoreanEnt or Cashewmania (sorry, I have forgotten which one of the 2 that I downloaded from)


2 thoughts on “[Live] Tim – Music Space 31st Oct 2007

  1. Took awhile to download, but I finally watched it. The two songs are very well sung! I like to watch live versions of songs. Enjoyable to watch, but I had to skip the interview in the middle ~ I understand very little Korean.

    I just watched Virgin Snow (like just a couple minutes ago I finished it). So I understand a little bit more Korean and Japanese ~haha. The movie was good.

  2. I wished I can understand Korean coz he mentioned “wheesung” :p but I can roughly guess what he’s talking about. The host asked him about the many people who worked on the album and one of them was wheesung…I have yet to receive his CD therefore I’m guessing that wheesung wrote the lyrics for one of his song.

    I’m glad that you like Tim’s performances. He should sing some more songs 🙂

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