Artists being investigated for drug abuse

First read this on chinese news site. Main header is “Park Si Yeon being investigated for drug abuse” . I was like huh? Did some googling and finally found an English news article.

I hope it is not true. Although there are drug abusers everywhere (including the entertainment world).

TV actresses investigated for drug abuse

SEOUL, Feb. 13 — Four female celebrities, including top TV actress Park Si-yeon, are under investigation on suspicion of illegally taking the psychotropic drug propofol, prosecutors said Wednesday.

Park was summoned earlier this month for questioning on suspicions that she took the prescription drug for reasons other than its intended purpose at several plastic surgery and dermatology hospitals in Gangnam, an uptown area in Seoul, they said.

The 34-year-old actress allegedly received unnecessary treatments at hospitals to get the drug, which is commonly used during routine surgeries, they added.

In a statement released later in the day, Park denied the allegations, claiming that she had used the drug for medical purposes only.

Three others — Jang Mi-inae, Lee Seung-yeun, and Hyun Young — have also been brought in by the prosecution for questioning in connection with the alleged abuse, they added.

Last month, police arrested nearly 100 doctors on charges of illegally using or administering the drug, in a two-month nationwide hospital crackdown. The crackdown was prompted after a local obstetrician was arrested in August last year on charges of injecting his girlfriend with propofol, causing her death. The doctor then abandoned her body.

Experts say propofol abuse is growing because unlike other hospital sedatives, it is quick-acting and rapidly leaves the system. It is also known as a “milk injection” because the color of the drug resembles milk.

News Source: Yonhap News


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