[MV] KCM – Classic

Hishashiburi ne…

It’s been a long time since I last post one. I obtained all the latest KCM mvs recently. These 3-parter MVs are really good, IMO. Although the plot is not bullet-proof (coz I have many questions I want to ask!), it’s still better than the usual boy-girl-fatal disease-mafia stuff 😛

Sorry I didn’t do any screencaps for this MV, which is a Part 1 of 3. Aiyah, better download it and watch. I know, lame excuse but …

As for this first parter, Kim So Yeon (the lead actress) looks simply beautiful… I don’t really like Kim Seung Woo (the male lead) coz I think he and KSY just err…not that matching la.

As for the plot hole(s), that I’m talking about…well, it’s not visible in this part but more to part 2 or 3…

Download MV – 53 MB
Please do not post the file link elsewhere


3 thoughts on “[MV] KCM – Classic

  1. thanks dear for the MVs. can’t download it yet though … so can’t comment on them. but i think i understand ur feeling regarding Kim Seung Woo … heh heh .. he’s kinda old!!

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