[MV] Yoon Gun – Impossible

OK, I can’t screencap this MV except the title cap coz it will be a BIG spoiler if I do that. I don’t know if any of you have heard of him or not but he used to be part of Brown Eyes. That group that really really have potential to go far if they hadn’t break up after only 2 albums. However, Brown Eyes have recently released a Best album (I suspect it was by whoever who still holds the copyright to their songs :)).

Brown Eyes consisted of 2 members – Yoon Gun and Naul. After the break-up, Yoon Gun went solo while Naul went to form Brown Eyed Soul with some other guys. Naul also released solo albums, if I’m not mistaken, 2 albums. I have no idea what Naul is doing right now.

Both of their albums (Brown Eyes) are still on sale in YesAsia and I intend to get it before they went out of print!!!

Anyway, Yoon Gun has recently released his 3rd album and this MV is the 2nd MV from this album. I will feature the other MV soon.

This MV is really interesting in that it just grabbed your attention the moment you watch it.  Forgotten to mention that this is a ballad song (sad one :().

Download MV – 32 MB
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5 thoughts on “[MV] Yoon Gun – Impossible

  1. I love brown eyes. I have both their albums. Apparently the actress for that MV was so good, that she did it in one take. All the crew members and staff applauded for her great acting. It’s my fave track from the album, can’t believe they had an MV for that.

  2. yeah … both Browneyes’ albums are great. it’s a pity that they decided to go their own separate way. i also have both Yoon Geon’s and Browneyed Soul’s albums. mmm … i remember seeing both Browneyes’ albums at Tower Records here .. which is quite surprising! dunno if they are still available or not.

  3. Brown Eyes is my favorite all-time group. They introduced mid-tempo ballads and r&b to develop such popular groups like SGWannabe, MtoM, Vibe etc.

    YoonGun is just amazingly talented. He produced both the Brown eyes albums and his solo ones as well. Not to mention, their big hits “Already A Year” and “Little By Little” were composed by him as well. I always look forward to hearing his new albums. I have his whole collection.^^
    This MV was simply amazing. I didn’t realize the MV ended until the song ended. One-shot. WOW..*
    =) Thank you.^^

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