Actress Jung Da Bin, 27, committed suicide…

Oh my goodness O_O!!!!!!

I just saw this news on and then I went to Soompi to make sure I didn’t read it incorrectly and it was confirmed to be true.

News in Korean – here and here

News in Chinese – here and here

She was found dead in her boyfriend’s house and she hung herself and she also left a message in her cyworld. I can’t believe it…after what happened to U;Nee, this is another sad sad news. I saw her in “Attic Cat”, “Non-Stop” and “He Was Cool” – she doesn’t seem to be the type that will commit suicide. Gosh that’s so bad news – so many suicides in 1 year.

I found this at The Korea Times:

Korean actress Jeong Da-bin was found dead at her boyfriend’s home on Saturday, according to police.

Investigators said Jeong, 27, apparently hanged herself at her boyfriend’s house in southern Seoul at around 8 a.m.

The boyfriend, who was only identified by his last name Lee, told the police that he discovered the body.

He was quoted as saying that she was found dead with a white towel around her neck.

The police suspect that Jeong committed suicide considering there was no sign that it was a murder. They are trying to determine the exact cause of her death.

Jeong, who also became a Korean pop culture star in Taiwan in 2005, acted in television dramas and movies.

If her death is confirmed to have been a suicide, it would be the latest case of a well-known Korean actress or pop star taking her own life.

On Jan. 21, a female singer Yuni committed suicide, while movie actress Lee Eun-joo killed herself in February 2005, which shocked many Koreans.

Source: The Korea Times


10 thoughts on “Actress Jung Da Bin, 27, committed suicide…

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  2. I watched your movie..He was cool and a lot of people have and they all just love you.I don’t know why you committed suicide but even though you are gone you will never be in peace!!I am sure you are in a better place now!

  3. to be honest i think it could be a murder it makes no since how a person that happy an to have that much potential to just decide to kill herself wouldent she alest think twice sorry im just not buying the sucide you nknow how it is in korea for men they believe men more then women 80 percent of korean men beat there wifes no it doesnt make since why would she kill herself in her boyfreinds bathroom why there

  4. i still think the boyfriend might killed her.. how is it possible for someone who was so drunk and could barely walke killed herself? moreover in someone’s else bathroom?

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