Park Si Hoo being investigated for rape charges

Well, let’s not jump to conclusions since the case is still open. I did a double-take when reading the news in Chinese.

According to the English news report, it seems he did have sex with her but he said it was consensual and not rape – from what I understood. Hmm…

Actor Park Si-hoo denies rape accusation


Park Si-hoo, a well-known hallyu star, has been accused of allegedly raping a 22-year-old woman.

According to the Seoul Seobu Police Station, the woman, who is reported to be an aspiring actress, formally lodged a complaint with the police last Friday, reportedly accusing Park of sexually assaulting her on the same day when they were drinking together.
Police said Park will be summoned soon for further investigation.

Park issued a public statement on Tuesday and admitted that he did have a drink with the woman, but insisted that he did not forcibly have sex with her.

“In the process of (meeting the woman) we were mutually attracted to each other and shared our feelings, but I assure you I did not have a forced sexual encounter with her,” Park said. “I do not feel shamed at all, and the truth will reveal itself in the police investigation.”

The actor said he will fully cooperate with the police and urged the media not to make “outrageous speculations” until the investigation is over.

The 36-year-old actor, who built his fame with his role in “Iljimae” and “The Princess’ Man,” is hailed as a promising Korean Wave star. After enjoying a series of success on TV dramas, Park made his leading actor debut on the silver screen in “Confession of Murder” last year.

By Yoon Min-sik

News Source: The Korea Herald
Picture Source: mydaily


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