[MV] Monday Kiz – Shout It Loud (feat. Rhymer)

WOW! It’s been such a long time since my last posted MV. Well, with my study and work, I really have less time to download stuff. I used to check the MV releases every day but now, I only check it like once a week. 😦

This is Part 1 of Monday Kiz Vol 3 album MVs. Both MVs were requested by inoyume. The actress looks really familiar – like I’ve seen her somewhere – in some drama/movie perhaps. Anyone knows what are those?

As for Jin Goo, πŸ™‚ he’s so charismatic ~~ I didn’t really notice him in A Dirty Carnival (coz Im too busy focusing on JIS!) but I did in Love Me Not (coz he was more interesting than the lead guy!). Didn’t even remember him in All In 😦 – most probably because I didn’t actually watch the drama – only catched like a few eps. I have yet to watch Gidam – not really fond of watching err…horrors. Oh, I almost forgotten that he was in JED mv – u know that 2-parter with one of my fav Lee Dong Wook πŸ™‚ .

Download MV – 51 MB
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3 thoughts on “[MV] Monday Kiz – Shout It Loud (feat. Rhymer)

  1. i’ve seen her in quite a number of movies such as Mapado, The Classic, Now and Forever and most recently in Moodori and Shadows in the Palace which is showing now here at the cinema … she’s the dead palace maid. her most recent movie is The Chaser. dunno if she’s ever been in a drama, dun remember watching one with her in it. in the third and ninth pics, Jin Goo looks so much like Lee Byung Hun there … but dun really like the hair … he looks hotter in that MV with Lee Dong Wook ne!

    in All In, he played the younger version of Lee Byung Hun’s role. so, i guess u’d miss him if u didn’t watch the earlier part of the drama. and i also love the fact that he’s also acted as the loyal ‘follower’ of Lee Byung Hun’s character in The Bittersweet Life.

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