[MV] Monday Kiz – Hyung Teo

The 2nd part of their 2-parter MVs. Err, did I romanize it correctly? I followed the romanization by my Korean study book 😛 … the pronounciation is supposed to be “Hyung Toh” .

This part is a lot sadder than the first part. I do like the song (LOL, Im waiting for the album to arrive in my PO Box).

Download MV – 59 MB
Note: Please do not post file link elsewhere


One thought on “[MV] Monday Kiz – Hyung Teo

  1. thank you so much for uploading the MVs dear!! i’m downloading them now … hope it will not stall though. sometimes, i wish the Korean entertainers would give a different kind of storyline in their MVs. it’s always the same sad and depressing stroy, one that we know how it would end. well, storyline aside, i’m looking forward to watching these MVs because of the eyecandy/ies!!

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