[MV] Tim – As Much As I Love

I’m currently obsessed with his Vol 4 album. I have decided to include it in my next shopping list. ^^

I’m not much of an expert in film photography or whatever you called it, but when I watched this MV, it kind of resembles the way some of the MVs that I have previously posted before like Park Hyo Shin’s Memories Resemble Love, Tasha’s Did You Forget. The tone, the focus of the lens, etc.

Hope you enjoy the MV 🙂

Please click for larger version of the pictures and please do not hotlink

Download MV – 42+ MB
Please do not post file link elsewhere

Credit: Oi Music / uploaded & screencapped by fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com


5 thoughts on “[MV] Tim – As Much As I Love

    I posted this today too (an hour agao for that matter), but I’ve been listening to his album for a long time. Funny 🙂
    Geez, I hate coincidences. >.<. I wrote that in the post too.

  2. kuaisky, yes you can use the link ^^ no problem. just remember to put the credits. I hope you like his songs…

    safura, lol, I have no idea who you are talking about coz I didnt watch Spring Waltz…

  3. I can assure you, I like his songs. 🙂
    Especially his 4th album and a few select songs from previous albums and OST’s. And thanks for letting me use the link. I am too lazy to upload any mv’s or albums. I do not know if I will on my blog.

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