[MV] Ha Dong Gyun – Nunmulsori – Sad Dream OST

I found out from Melon.com that this song is a digital single from Ha Dong Gyun and the MV featured scenes from the upcoming Kim Ki Duk’s movie, Sad Dream, starring Lee Na Young and Odagiri Joe.

I noticed some of you have difficulties downloading from sendspace, therefore Im switching to mediafire…eh, hopefully you wont have as much problem as sendspace. Let me know…

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Download MV -32 MB


6 thoughts on “[MV] Ha Dong Gyun – Nunmulsori – Sad Dream OST

  1. Great song (and interesting video…the movie looks good too)! I don’t have that many male Korean singers in my music folders, but this is exactly the type of male singer and song that I prefer…a powerful ballad (with an underlying R&B influence). I’m going to have to look for more music by Ha Dong Gyun based on this video…his voice is super. ^_^

  2. thanks for switching to mediafire dear!! and for sharing the MV.

    to Steve,
    Ha Dong Kyun is in the group Wanted which had to date came out with two albums. he had also released two solo albums, the first one titled Stand Alone and the second, Another Corner. i love his voice too and i much prefer his voice to that of Kim Jin Ho of SG Wannabe.

  3. Thanks for IDing Hy Dong Kyun for me PrincelyLuna…I had looked him up on Yes.Asia.com once I figured out how they spelled his name (I usually label my artists according to the way they do), but didn’t even take notice that he was with the group Wanted until after reading your comment. I do recognize that group, at least. :>)

  4. thanks to PrinceLyLuna for the info to Steve.

    Yes, I knew him from WANTED. He released the solo albums when WANTED was on hiatus due to the tragic car accident that took the life of one of the members. HDG suffered only minor injuries.

    And mediafire works better than sendspace, I guess ? šŸ™‚

  5. Kim Ki Duk=my favorite director and Joe Odagiri= my favorite actor I’m in heaven. Can’t wait to see the film, hopefully in US soon. Thank you for sharing.

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