[MV] Brown Eyes – Don’t Go, Don’t Go

I like this song therefore I had been waiting for the video for ages (for me to be able to download and watch it) 🙂 .

But this video – err, too many metaphors for me to understand even though I think this is what happens (highlight to read, minor spoiler-y):

Guy and Girl were happy couple until one day Girl suddenly wanted to break up… Guy couldnt let go so he kind of “stalk” her (?) . I think the donkey in the video represented the new guy in her life? and the clown is the singers?? Really don’t know or understand… but I know that the last few scenes … he rather have her died than let her go ??? LOL, somebody tell me how to understand this mv… I watched it a few times already.

Download MV – 42 MB
Please do not post file link elsewhere


2 thoughts on “[MV] Brown Eyes – Don’t Go, Don’t Go

  1. thanks for sharing:)
    i love browneyes, i’ve watched this MV before in YT but unfortunately i don’t understand at all, lolz @-@
    anyway, love this song^^
    i hope you don’t mind if someday i’ll reupload this MV..i’ll credit you of course^^v

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