[MV] KCM – Haru Ilgi / Seol Re Im

Part 2 of 3. This part continued with the storyline where Kim Seung Woo met the short-haired Kim So Yeon. Pretty crazy stuff done by the short-haired KSY O_O . Featured 2 songs here – track #2 and track #10.

(Highlight to read – very minor spoilers included)

Before watching this part, I thought the short-haired KSY is Kim Seung Woo’s art studio assistant (after plastic surgery)…u know since it’s obvious the assistant has a crush on KSW but after watching part 3… err…I was wrong. Anyway, where is the assistant? That sub-plot just died like that here in part 2… hmm…

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One thought on “[MV] KCM – Haru Ilgi / Seol Re Im

  1. Hi! I was wondering if you can re-upload this somehow? I really wanna have a copy of the MV trilogy but I just can’t seem to find any links for part 2 & 3. Thanks!!

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