[MV] KCM – Eun Hye / Saranghanigga

Last part of the 3-parter MV from KCM. There’s actually 2 songs used for this MV – Track #8 and #6. This final parter explained the background of why the girl did what she done.

Plot-wise, it’s interesting because I never expected it 😛 . But there are some questions that I want to ask:

(Highlight to read – Spoilers included)

Why does the good twin became the bad twin? For revenge? The bad twin talked a lot of things in the beginning of the mv…but I don’t understand Korean, so I have no idea what she said to Kim Seung Woo’s character. I know that she was heartbroken when her sister stole her beloved (aka KSW) but I don’t feel that she held a grudge against her sister. I knew she changed (her personality and all) when she was in jail but why she wanted her sis and the bf to die? Is it because she wanted to re-start her life as her sis (according to the last scene)? Well, she could just kill the sis, copied the tattoo, without killing the bf…err…since the bf is too “stupid” to realise the girl standing in front of him is not the one he came to love 😛

Download MV – 51 MB
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3 thoughts on “[MV] KCM – Eun Hye / Saranghanigga

  1. the link doesnt work.
    i was wondering if you would be able to re-upload it?
    i think z-share or megaupload would be the best servers.

  2. Hi.. Thanks for the MVs, but the link doesn’t work, I downloaded the class in one, but the link of this one and Haru Ilgi / Seol Re Im seem to expired. Can you upload it again ? Thank You Very Much

  3. Hi! I was wondering if you can re-upload this somehow? I really wanna have a copy of the MV trilogy but I just can’t seem to find any links for part 2 & 3. Thanks!!

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