Wheesung nationwide tour

Ehm, I found this news on Innolife and it is all in Japanese. I’ve tried waiting for SINA to have the Chinese article so I don’t have the pains of translating the Japanese article but :/ … since my Japanese is not really up to the level of translation yet, I have to pick out the nouns/verbs/words one by one and finding each of their meaning through the online dictionary – took me quite some time to compile the English meaning. Anyway, the translation below may not be 100% accurate. I have to err…guess the majority of the time. So if there’s any error, please point it out so that I can correct them (and learn too 🙂 , domo arigatou gozaimasu). I have included the original Japanese article for cross-referencing. I also included the Korean information of the upcoming concerts in Daegu and Daejeon. There’s no information on Busan or the other 5 cities yet.


Wheesung will be holding solo concerts nationwide

file picture of wheesung, taken during his August concerts

The release of his 5th album and the dominance of his title song, “Love is Delicious”, Wheesung is going to perform in solo live concerts around the nation (S.Korea).

Continuing from his soulful public performances on the 25th and 26th of August, he will have public performances beginning on 24th November in Daegu and moving to Daejeon, Busan and touring to 5 other cities, which will be announced soon. *1

Wheesung’s representative agency, stated that after the successful August performances, there’s many urgent requests from planning company for Wheesung to have public performances in many locations.*2 With his busy 5th album promotion schedule in the midst, they are currently worried on how to decide on the upcoming nation tour. *3

For these concerts, Wheesung will sing enthusiastically the different genre of songs that were recorded in his 5th album. He will include showy performances for the audience to watch, so that they will experience the true essence of live performance. Wheesung will be more actively participate in these concerts’ music and choregraphy, performances scenario *4. He plans to upgrade his performance style.

Wheesung, who’s in the midst of preparing for his nation’s tour, said, “I feel happy because it has been a long time since last meeting those fans from different places. Everyone, let’s prepare to enjoy the live concerts together.”

The information for his upcoming concerts are:

Wheesung Realslow Concert 2007 WHEESHOW – Daegu
Date/Time: 24th (7.30pm) & 25th (7.30pm) November 2007
Location: 대구 전시컨벤션 5층 2홀
Ticket price: R: 77,000 Won / S: 66, 000 Won

Wheesung Realslow Concert 2007 WHEESHOW – Daejeon
Date/Time: 1st (8pm) & 2nd (7.30pm) December 2007
Location: 충남대 정심화홀
Ticket price: R: 66,000 Won / S: 55,000 Won

The original Japanese article:




今度公演でフィソンは、多様なジャンルの5thアルバムの収録曲とヒット曲を熱唱、華やかなパフォーマンスを見せて、ライブ公演の真髄を見せてくれ る。ま たフィソンは今度公演で、音楽と振付、公演シナリオにも積極的に参加し、フィソンだけのスタイルで、グレードアップされた公演を演出する計画である。


The original Korean information, as posted in his official website

– 공연명 : 휘성 콘서트 2007 WHEESHOW – 대구
(부제: Welcome To RealSlow World)
– 일 시 : 2007년 11월 24일(토), 25일(일)
– 시 간 : 토-7:30 / 일-7:30
– 장 소 : 대구 전시컨벤션 5층 2홀
– 티켓가격 : R석:77,000원 / S석:66,0000
– 주 최 : sj ent
– 제 작 : ㈜좋은콘서트

– 공연명 : 휘성 콘서트 2007 WHEESHOW – 대전
(부제: Welcome To RealSlow World)
– 일 시 : 2007년 12월 1일(토), 2일(일)
– 시 간 : 토-8:00 / 일-7:30
– 장 소 : 충남대 정심화홀
– 티켓가격 : R석:66,000원 / S석:55,0000
– 주 최 : 공간 기획
– 제 작 : ㈜좋은콘서트

Translation Notes:

*1 – I’m not sure what’s “10回にわたった” means…I know “10回” means 10 times but 10 times of what? Maybe, he will tour for 10 cities altogether ??? Or the looking at the schedule for his concerts, I’m also guessing that 5 cities x 2 shows = 10 times ?

*2 – OK, there’s a mention of the word “Fans” here. I’m actually not sure if the fans requested the planning to company to ask Wheesung for live tours in their area or the planning company itself did the request. Anybody can clarify?

*3 – I roughly understand the first of the sentence, which it said that Wheesung is currently busy with promoting his 5th album, but the second part, after trying to translate the part into English – it kinda turns out very weird (in meaning) for me. I’m guessing that they meant that they are worried in how to schedule his nation tours alongside his 5th album promotions.

*4 – not very sure if the sentence meant he will include more “movements” in his concerts or he will also take part in planning out the concert’s overall music/choregraphy/scenario settings/etc. Anyway, I’m guessing he will do his best to give an excellent concert for everyone 😀

Source: Innolife.net (japanese article) / Wheesung Official website (concert information)
English translation by fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com
Full credits when posting elsewhere, without adding additional credits (and please also include the translation notes, japanese article, etc)


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