[MV] Eru – Because It’s The Two of Us

WOW, it seem ages since I last upload anything online. This MV has an all-star cast! It has Ahn Sung Ki (who also appeared in Eru’s Black Glasses MV), Park Joong Hoon (Ahn Sung Ki’s co-star in Radio Star movie), Bong Tae Gyu and Lim Ha Ryoung. This is the first song that I like on my first time listening to his new album. The MV is not as dramatic as Black Glasses but I like it.

Oh, I think I may gone overboard with the screencaps…O_O didn’t realise I have done about 42 pics of the MV!

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The summary below is my interpretation of the MV plot.

The MV starts with Ahn Sung Ki (ASK) sitting in a couch, remembering the good old times…the camera panned to a picture of Park Joong Hoon (PJH) who’s a boxing champion, which implied that ASK was his trainer. But he’s thinking deep as if…

Then we were shown ASK putting a boxing helmet to a kid (played by Bong Tae Gyu aka BTG), who looked a bit dumb (sorry, but he really did, with those eyes :/ ). The kid is being bullied by a bunch of kids in the boxing ring and is hurt in the process…

…but we have an angel, which I am assuming to be ASK’s daughter (the girl is Lim Ha Ryoung – LHR for short), mending his injury. ASK smiles in the distance. He heard someone at the door so he turns his head and…

…walking towards him is Park Joong Hoon (PJH), the boxing champion. Everyone (except BTG) is shocked to find him there. ASK is not happy (maybe they have some feud or something) and walks away from him. PJH looks sad when ASK did that. He turns to face LHR …

Even though ASK is mad at PJH, he lets PJH stays in the house. He’s not actually in talking terms with PJH. One day, the four of them (ASK, PJH, LHR and BTG) is walking on the street when we saw a middle-age man (forgotten the name of the actor) having an argument with a woman. BTG runs toward her and she turns out to be his mother (the man is his father). After some time later, both ASK and PJH has a talk under a tree but the MV didn’t show what they are talking about. I’m guessing PJH is talking about BTG because the next scene shows…

…him training BTG how to become a proper boxer. ASK saw what PJH did and we have a flashback time to…

…the event which explained what makes ASK mad (on PJH). :O PJH threw away a match in exchange for a large sum of money. You can see ASK is extremely disappointed and angry that PJH would do such a thing.

OK, this part I’m not sure if it is a flashback or the present time but we are shown that PJH is in love with LHR. Anyway, more scenes of PJH training BTG and looks like BTG is looking more like a boxer (rather than a fool back then) in each passing day. ASK heart softens too as each passing day and eventually he forgives what PJH did. His daugther is very happy to find that out.

Then camera cuts to a scene where PJH is visiting the doctor and from the look of the doctor’s face, it doesn’t look good. I think PJH is dying or his brain is suffering from some internal injury (as boxers do have the tendency). He is seen walking around the boxing place and is thinking about a decision while holding a picture of him and LHR…

…but the camera cuts to BTG having dinner with his family. It looks as if this is a dinner that he didn’t have for a long time (as in the whole family eating together). The scenes implied that somehow his dad and mom are not talking with each other – they are mad at each other for some reasons – for a long time but now, his dad finally is talking to his mom by giving a plate of food….which makes his mom all teary-eyed…

…cut to a scene of LHR crying while holding the same picture and crying…seems like PJH has made his decision…

…to leave as we see ASK cheering on someone in the ring…PJH is also shown stopping by the TV store to watch a boxing match and smiles…

…cut to a flashback scenes of 10 years earlier, in the same place as the TV store. There’s the middle-age man holding a kid. He’s too engrossed with the boxing match to realise the kid has loosen his grip and runs out to the street…and bang! the kid was knocked down by a car and we seen a woman crying while embracing the kid with blood in his head. The kid is BTG and we now know why he’s a bit dumb as he had that head injury many years ago.

BTG, however, has come a long way and now he’s competing in a professional boxing match…everyone is cheering for him…but PJH is seen walking away, leaving the town…with sadness 😦

…the end ? …

What do you think of this MV? I would like to hear it 🙂

Download MV – 30 MB
Please do not post this file link anywhere else

5 thoughts on “[MV] Eru – Because It’s The Two of Us

  1. First, I like the song, so it might finally inspire me to get around to downloading Eru’s Vol. 3 album.

    As for the MV, it’s well done too…if a bit predictable like most Korean dramas. That’s a good thing from my point of view since I don’t understand Korean, but still usually don’t have much trouble following the underlying plot of these dramas, even without any English subtitles. ^_^

    And, finally, Eru’s videos are most always very interesting, which makes me enjoy his music a little bit more. Your synopsis seemed to match my own initial impressions.

  2. well, imo, ERU cd is worth getting but he can’t be compared with SG… there’s a lot of Korean cds out there that are worth getting..why don’t you try sample listening to them and then decide? I always do that – and that’s why I’m always behind in getting those cds because the cds that I want to buy outweight my $$$ 😦 Anyway, I promised myself to get them eventually, no matter how long it will takes 🙂

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