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Last Updated Note: updated with his 2nd album tracklist

Born: 30th December 1981
Actual name: 김형수 Kim Hyung Soo
Hobby: Listening to music
Talent: Beatbox
Debut Album: Left Heart (2007)
:: KBS drama, “A Love To Kill”, OST
:: Lim Jeong Hee Vol 2 album, Guerilla concert guest
:: Uhm Jung Hwa Vol 9 album
:: G.O.D concert guest
Agency: Big-Hit Entertainment [Link] – same agency as Lim Jeong Hee. (have association with JYP Entertainment)


01 Left Heart (2007)


01 사랑할 때마다 / Everytime We Love
02 Day & Night (Feat. Baek Ji Young)
03 왼쪽가슴 / Left Heart
04 나 나쁘죠 (Feat. Kim Tae Woo) / Aren’t I Bad
05 하리오 / Will Do
06 사랑은 좋은 거 (Feat. Common Ground) / Love Is Good
07 낡은 사랑 / Worn Love
08 버릇 / Habit
09 You (Feat. Sweet Sorrow)
10 천일동안 / For 1000 Days

Note: Track #10 is a remake of Lee Seung Hwan’s song.

Special thanks to sera @ forum for translating the Korean tracklist

02 Dropping The Tears (2009) – EP or Mini Album

01 The Present
02 1초에 한방울 (Feat. 다이나믹듀오) / 1 Teardrop per second (feat. Dynamic Duo)
03 눈물이 뚝뚝 / Dropping The Tears
04 소녀, 사랑을 만나다 (With 소녀시대 티파니) / Girl Meets Love (feat. Tiffany of SNSD)
05 쇼핑 / Shopping
06 러브119 (Feat. MC몽)  / Love 119 (feat. MC Mong)
07 눈물이 뚝뚝 (Inst.)
08 소녀, 사랑을 만나다 (Inst.)

03 그립고 그립고 그립다 (2009)


01 바람
02 그립고 그립고 그립다
03 반복일 뿐이야
04 최면 (Feat. 아웃사이더)
05 눈물연못
06 사랑해 반대말
07 끊었던 담배
08 필름이 끊겼다
09 이별 몰랐던 날
10 초콜릿 (Project: Color Chocolate)
11 My Last Love
12 사랑 후유증
13 다시 사랑하면 안되니
14 사랑한단 말을 못해서 (소울 스페셜 OST)
15 나무
16 소원 (대왕세종 OST)
17 내 가슴이 운다
18 그립고 그립고 그립다 (Inst.)


01 하리오 / Will Do (2007)


01 하리오 (Sweet Mix)
02 하리오 (Club Mix)

02 Love 119 (2008)


01 Love 119 (feat. MC Mong)
02 나무
03 Love 119 (instr)
04 나무 (instr)

03 Dropping the Tears – 1 Teardrop per second (2009)


01 1 Teardrop per second A MIX (feat. Dynamic Duo)

04 Color Chocolate (2009)


01 Chocolate (with MARIO)
02 Chocolate (Instr.)

Collaborations (OST, Other artists, etc):

Suho Single – To…U

01  그냥 이렇게.. (Feat. K.Will) / Keunyang ireohke..

Hye Mi Vol 1 – Smoothy

09 You’re My Everything (Feat. K.Will)

Lim Jeong Hee Vol 3 – Before I Go J-Lim

11 들어요 (Feat. K.will) / Listen

8 Eight – The First album

08 들어요 Feat. 임정희 (Lim Jeong Hee) & K.Will

War of The Money OST (2007)

04 혼자 지는 달

Music Is My Live Part 2 – Various artists

03 Music (Feat. K Will) – Epik High

Syndrome OST

02 바보처럼 (Intro)
03 바보처럼

A Love To Kill OST

04 Ggoom / Dream
11 Ggoom / Dream – Ballad version

Lim Jeong Hee Vol 2 album, “Thanks”

03 운명 / Oon Myung featuring K.will

Uhm Jung Hwa Vol 9 album

03 Come 2 Me

Music Video:

01 Left Heart
02 Ggoom for A Love To Kill OST
03 Music (featuring K.will) – Epik High
04 하리오 / Will Do


01 Hug by DBSK (music)
02 Pi by Fly To The Sky (music)

^ he said he only works on the music (with the writers), they were not written by him (he said so lar). He also sings the demo.

Blog links:

  1. Left Heart MV
  2. Music (featuring K.will) – Epik High MV
  3. Inkigayo 1st April perf. clip
  4. News, articles, etc.


(cropped version) 😛 I preferred the full version above.

^ this pic, thanks to ann

Additional Info:

K.Will is a new Korean singer who made his professional debut in Japan in 2004. After having achieved success in Japan, sweeping the Oricon Charts, he has advanced into other parts of Asia, including his home country of South Korea.
K.Will’s title song from his first Korean album, “Left Heart,” was produced by the “dream team” of world-renowned Korean producer Park Jin-young (JYP) and Bang Shi-hyuk.

The song had been written and Park was simply waiting for the right voice to sing it when he finally happened across K.Will. Park was very impressed with the singer’s vocals and sees the pairing as destiny.
“Left Heart” and the other tracks on K.Will’s first Korean album are a collection of heart-felt ballads that gave the balladeer heart-throb status among his female fans.
In addition to his own music, K.Will is the song-writer behind hit songs “Hug” (sung by TVXQ) and “Pi/ Aversion” (sung by Fly To The Sky).

The singer recently collaborated with Epik High on “M.U.S.I.C.” and is featured on the OST of the hit drama “Money’s Warfare” (“쩐의 전쟁/Jjeon-ui Jeon-jaeng”).

Credits: Naver + EPS Profile + Empas + iisenaii and o-cha @ forums + RKI BS (for the additional info)

Note: Please credit if you intend to post this profile elsewhere. Please do not hotlink pictures.

48 thoughts on “Artist Profile – K.will

  1. he looks a bit like one of the members of Big Bang … dunno the name though, especially in the second and fifth pix.

  2. girl I HEART you!!!!!! awwwwwww no wonder i fell for him … cuz he is even older than me!!! he is a true OPPA! i finally found myself a oppa!

  3. inoyume, Im not familiar with Big Bang too – so far, only recognised 1 member – the lead singer – whatishisname G-dragon ?? .

    shenyue, se7en is older than him so isn’t he a “oppa” to you too ? **blink eyes **

  4. lol ok Im mistaken about se7en, gomen …hahaha Kwill is even older than wheesung O_O – by a few months. about 2 months.

    Gosh he’s 26 now!!! does that mean after 1-2 years, he’s going to the army ?

  5. Thanks for the info! i’ve been scavaging for info on him for a loong time. Hope you don’t mind…I’d like to use the info you’ve provided to start a fan thread at a forum i frequent. I’ll give you full credits for the info and add a link to your site. If its not ok let me know and I’ll edit the info.

    Thanks! 😉

  6. Nakiatala – I don’t actually mind (as long as you have let me know about it) but will you give me the URL to that forum? I want to take a look – lol maybe useful for me 😛 (for other artists). You just post the link – even though your comment won’t appear right away, it is actually awaiting my approval.

  7. (Referring to the first post)

    Hi…Big Bang are my fav. group right now…

    Yep, i think you mean K Will looks like Dae Sung from Big Bang…they do look a ‘bit’ similar…

  8. So…guess who’s got the demo of K.Will singing Hug? mwa ha ha…remind me to send it to you. It’s great. Put a big smile on my face. And check out k.will soompi thread…got some info there for you 😉

  9. well K.Will doesn’t have to go to the army because
    he already went there. He is considered little bit old to
    be a Rooki in Korea, but it was because he went to the

  10. you haven’t updated k.will! what about his contribution to seojeong ost? I really liked it too.

    I’m determined to find what this “success” was when he debuted in japan back in 2004. I mean dayam..was there a single or what? I don’t even have a title to work with.

  11. hiiii girl you are the best!!! thanks for all informations!i was searchinf informations from him very days! and nothig! thanks to you! i lovee K Will is the best! if you have some that i cant read in español cus i m from argentina! and more information from himself like songs… videos.. will be great! thanks for all thi is my meail thanks! and,… god bless you

  12.’s complite profile..
    i’ve been lookin for his profile along time,,thx lot ^_^

    –> finally..i see his face!! hoho.. he’s like Daesung of BigBang..

  13. heyy.. thanks for giving a full bio on him! I’ve been a fan of his for a while.. and i havent seem much support for him on blogs and such. By the way, do you know the songs he sang that “swept the oricon charts”?

    thanks =)

  14. i love him!!! ahh his voice is……intriguing?? well whatever whenever i hear it i melt.

    ……yeah! he looks a bit like daesung from big bang!!!

  15. I’m buggin you again! woman where are the updates! lol. Neway…you know I’m the resident K.Will guru and I think I’ve got everything that he’s done recently so if you don’t have it then hit me up via soompi or z-degrees and I’ll hook my girl up. 😀

  16. ^ yeah I dont have much time to download stuff… so I need to go to z-deg (not being there for a long long time) to search for stuff that I havent updated for ages!!

    Will bug you when Im there… 🙂

  17. K.WILL’S NEW SONG!!! guuurl you gotta listen to it! It freaking rocks!! It’s on the new ost for sbs drama brilliant legacy. I should have it uploaded to my livejournal soon. 😀 And find some time to update soon woman! You gotta find at least some time for our main man K.Will.


  18. i love his voice in “Shopping” song…(so so so niiiceeee)
    i dun know….
    is he sing that song…
    because it not mention up there…

  19. i happened to know him bcoz of he’s Lee Min Ho’s BOF vocal trainer ^_^
    when i attended LeeMinHo’s bday fanmeeting on June 09, K-Will was performed there and singing 2 songs from his new album ^^
    and i fallen for his voice!! sooo amazing!!~~ ❤

  20. i’m addicted with music with excellent and powerfull voice…. your a magnificient person and i love your music, while you are singing an english song. i’m a filipino and admire your talent. thank you for sharing with as youR god given talent.i hope you can send me one of your album(english version).


    the world will be proud of you in the future

  21. OMG i can’t believe that K Will still young..
    i love his voice for the first time when i heard LOVE 119..
    it’s perfect… <3.<3

  22. i can’t blame you guy’s liking him, i mean come on, he got voice, that no other kpop solo artist have. . . and he got face, i wonder, why his not much that popular?! life is so unfair

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