[MV] K.will – Left Heart

I can’t believe that I haven’t posted this MV. I have posted his profile, his live clip, some of his songs but not the MV.

Eh, no any screencapping for this mv. It’s blurry when I tried – not many still scenes to have me screencapped it. 😛 I’m still learning on the art of screencapping.

He didn’t appear in this MV and it followed the story in the MV format. It fits the meaning of the song – of a guy who felt pain in his left side after letting go of his love – something like that.

Download MV – 44 MB
Note: Please do not post this file link elsewhere


8 thoughts on “[MV] K.will – Left Heart

  1. I don’t like that he didn’t appear in this mv. His DEBUT mv and he’s not even in it. Its been a pet peeve of mine since i saw it. Still, thanks for the link. I’ve been trying to get a link for this song. I had gotten it off of utube but I didn’t like the quality. thanks. 😉

  2. then i’ve been irrevocably spoiled. lol, That and I’m dying to know what they say to each other in the middle of the mv when the music literally cuts off.

  3. Hmm… I guess what that camera guy was saying to his assistant was to ask her to go to that actor’s side as I believed that actor offered her the opportunity to become a model or a star. The assistant initially refused but I guess the camera guy talked her out of it. That’s what I thought they said 🙂 maybe totally wrong on this.

  4. When did he make this music video? I did notice that a lot of Korean singers aren’t in their Music Videos which is kind of good, well I think. I love Korean mvs because a lot of them tell a story. A lot of the mvs here in America…Well, suck… Thanks for uploading this!

  5. hum…seems like the link on sendspace doesn’t work any longer…please fix it..really wanna see and download it.arigatou ne

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