Kim Jin Ho first concert poster and info


More info on his first album – all songs penned by him!!! WOW!



Date : Saturday, March 16, 2013 at 7 PM Sunday, March 17, 2013 at 5 PM
Place : Olympic Park, Woori Finance Art Hall
Tickets : 77,000-99,000 won

Source: KBS World


3rd K-POP Super Live in Tokyo, Japan

Well… the date is 31st Jan. The ticket price is 10,500 Yen (that’s roughly 400 MYR!!). The heartbroken thing is I have the chance to catch this but the ticket is too expensive for me that I want to cry!!!

The venue for this concert is at Tokyo International Forum, walking distance from Tokyo Station. There will be 2 show: 3pm and 7pm. What’s so heartbroken for me is that out of all the artists performing there’re Tei and SG Wannabe. Gosh, I’ve wanted to watch their live performance for so long! so close yet so far The rests are Min Kyung Hoon, Jun Jin, Shin Hye Sung and Super Junior Happy.

Original News Article

シン・へソン、チョンジンら豪華アーティストが共演する「K-POP SUPER LIVE」の第3弾が来年も開催されることが決定した。

1月31日に東京国際フォーラムホールAにて開催される同イベントには、SHINHWAからシン・へソン、チョンジンの2名、そしてSUPER JUNIOR-Happy、tei、ミン・ギョンフン(Buzz)、sg WANNA BE+らの出演が予定されている。


Source: MNET Japan

SG Wannabe to hold concert in Seoul

Bit news on SG… wow, this concert will be another sell-out concert. Furthermore, they have Lee Hyo Ri as guest !

Sigh! If only Im in Seoul… 😦

Talented ballad trio SG Wannabe is holding an encore concert in Seoul on October 3rd. The group is currently in the middle of a nationwide tour marking the release of its fifth album “My Friend.” The tour was launched in Gumi in southeastern Korea on May 24th and has so far stopped at 15 cities, including Seoul, Daegu, Busan and Gwangju. Two rounds of concert in Seoul were held on June 28 in front of a sell-out crowd.

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SG Wannabe concert: Introduce My Friend

Ah….the concert is going to be held on the same day as Gary Chaw’s concert. Obviously I can’t be at both venues at the same time 😛 ~~ joking…I already booked a tix to Gary’s concert and flying to Seoul is impossible for me right now.

I wonder, does anyone has experience of booking tix to Seoul concert (any artist) outside of S.Korea? You know, I hope that one day I can go to Seoul to watch some concerts so now Im gathering some info… 🙂

I have watched their La La La version 2 mv, which featured all 3 members – finally, let me a chance to figure out who sings which part… LSH voice is quite nice, actually 🙂

Date : June 28

Place : Olympic Hall, Olympic Park, Seoul

SG Wannabe’s latest concert is going to be an opportunity to introduce its new member Lee Seok-hoon. With the addition of a new member, SG Wannabe hits will be performed in a whole different manner. Lee will add his own personality to the songs, bringing fresh, new sentiments to familiar tunes. SG Wannabe is at their best on live stage and this one is going to be no different. To convey their beautiful songs, all three members have been fully involved from the planning stage to present the best performance ever. Their concerts are so famous that large contingents of fans from Hong Kong and Japan will reportedly visit Korea to see their favorite trio up close and personal. They will also be treated to an acclaimed list of special guests, which include Seeya, Super Nova, Black Pearl, and Davich.

Source: KBS World

[Music] Songs of Week 28th April – 4 May

Another week of songs to feature… I didn’t actually listen to any new songs yet (except SG – which I only started listening today (sun)).

On a happy note – My order of Monday Kiz, KCM and Cho Young Soo albums have arrived! Out of all 3 albums, I’d say KCM’s album have the most album pictures! I need to find time to capture those album pics…

And during my Sat Japanese class, one of my classmate showed me the special limited 10th anniversary album from Shinhwa and wow! lots of nice pictures! It really worth the money if you are a Shinhwa fan. As for me, I don’t think I will buy it though – I dont really listen to Shinhwa songs 😛

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