Usagi Drop trailer

Well, I am just aware of this manga (have yet to read it though) and am surprised to find out that there is a live-action movie being made. More surprising was it starred the ehm-recently-married-Matsuyama Kenichi (yeah, Im jealous because his wife is Koyuki!!!!)

The film about a man who went to his grandfather’s funeral and found out that his grandpa has a (very young) daughter that nobody knows until that day!

Watch the trailer
Official site

Oh, there is going to be an anime starting July 2011 and the movie is set to release in 20th August? O_O woooh…wouldnt that be…too many version(s) around the same time?

On a side note, has anyone watched Gantz (Part 1) yet? If yes, is it good?


Muahhahaa…since when did Yamashita Tomohisa becomes a “She”?

Im not really an avid fan of him (I do watch some of his drama) but LOL at this article by KBS World.

I thought I was reading about another Japanese singer with the same name but after going through the article, they must be referring to Yamashita Tomohisa. And Im 100% sure that there’s no such female singer with the same name who’s also in NEWS.

Amended article:

Japanese Singer To Debut In Korea

After so many Korean singers diving in to get their share of the Japanese music market, finally a Japanese singer is doing the same.
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Tamaki Hiroshi in Seoul to promote upcoming concert

Yep, he’s in Seoul last Fri (29th Jan) to promote his upcoming Seoul concert. The concert will be held on 6th March. It is the first stop of his Asian Tour (wonder which countries will he be going to – but I guess the big cities like Taipei, HK, Beijing/Shanghai, etc).

He had an autograph session on 30th Jan and a special party on the same night.

He also mentioned that he had been to Seoul 3 times but this was the first time he came to Seoul as a singer. It was one of his dream to open a concert here, therefore he was very happy.

These are pictures of the concert press con.

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Congrats to Bae Doo Na!

WOW, she won so many awards in Japan! O_O

Bae Doo-na Wins Three Acting Awards in Japan

Bae Doo-na has been named the winner of three acting awards from three different film festivals in Japan for her performance in the Japanese film “Air Doll.”

Bae will receive the best actress award at the 19th Tokyo Sports Movie Awards on Feb. 28, and then claim the awards for best leading actress at the Japan Academy Prize on March 5 and the Takasaki Film Festival on March 28.

“Air Doll” is the latest work of acclaimed Japanese director Hirokazu Koreeda, who also made “Nobody Knows” and “Wonderful Life.”

The film was featured in the Pusan International Film Festival last year, but it has not yet been scheduled for a full release in Korea.

Source: Chosun Ilbo

New Ghibli movie, Karigurashi no Arietty, for summer 2010

Looking forward to this new Ghibli movie. I was a bit disappointed with Ponyo. Somehow the magic that works on me for Totoro didnt when it comes to Ponyo (maybe Im too old for those kind of magic?). They havent cast the voice actors yet and the only info is that the theme song has been released (digitally).

News about this movie
Official website

Bit news

Collection of very short news 🙂 .

Hollywood remake of “Dirty Carnival”

ah…this kind of news have no effect on me already…they are like remaking anything from Korea already. I wonder who will be playing JIS character and that “traitor” director friend. Read full news here.

Akanishi Jin’s debut movie, Bandage, has a trailer now

Directed by You can watch it on the official site here or Nippon Cinema site here.  Movie will opens in cinema on 16th Jan 2010.  Has “LANDS” released any songs so far?

Korean Film Festival in GSC Mid-Valley

OH, there is one? Well, the dates are from 30th Oct – 4th Nov. The films are:

  1. My Mother, the Mermaid (2004)
  2. Seven Days (2007)
  3. Sa-Kwa (2008)
  4. Our School’s E.T. (2008)

More information here. Im not really interested in the movies being screened here…

Nodame Cantabile Saishu Gakusho Trailer

Ahhh…I cant wait for the movies – 2 of them! One will be in December this year and while another is scheduled for 2010.

Im a fan of the live-action from drama to the drama special, now Im sooo looking forward to the 2 movies.

Screencap from the official website. LOL, they are soooo kawaiiii!!!!

I dont think the movie will be up to the current manga chapters, which is really exciting because currently in the manga, Chiaki has finally invited Nodame to be in a concerto with him!!

Watch the trailer in youtube here. Official website is here.