Happy 6th Birthday!


Today is actually the 6th birthday of my blog… 😦 I almost missed it LOL…

I am not blogging now – I am trying to find something to give me the “inspiration” to post something.

No idea yet.

I would like to thank all those who are still reading the posts that I have blogged the past 5 years.

I am not closing this blog yet 🙂 …

This past year – what did I do ? O_O  Well, let’s see:

1. Went to Bali (with a stopover in Singapore) and lost my Samsung Galaxy 1 phone in the process …

2.  … but met 3 new friends in Bali …

3. Bought SG 3 phone when I was back 🙂 so …blessing in disguise ? …

4. Went to Ho Chi Minh City and came back with a thyroid problem that gave me a “cancer” scare o_O! I still need to do checkup this year… don’t think I need surgery at this moment.

5. Attended a number of concerts – Korean and Chinese … and finally met a facebook friend (Nana) 🙂 … but…

6.  … the Big Bang concert ticket was really the most expensive concert ticket that I’ve paid … and that price even tops my fav Jacky Cheung’s concert

7. … won a 1N hotel stay at Genting … surprise!

8. Re-discovered my love for origami 😛 …

9. Went for autograph session by Gary Chaw …yeah, long time didnt see that guy …

10.  Really started learning Korean 🙂

11. Started playing an online farming game 😛 and an online Zombie game 😛

12. Started to learn how to run (from scratch) and joined the 10KM event of the Standard Chartered Marathon. I did it!!! Was so happy when I crossed the finish line 🙂

13. Joined 2 more runs later in the year: Nike We Run 10K and Pacemaker Anniversary Fun Run at Zoo Negara!

14. Finally found a website for me to watch Korean/Japanese movie/drama and Japanese Anime!!!!!!

15. Bought a Dahon Boardwalk folding bike and started learning how to bike …

I guess that’s about it for 2012… as for this year 2013? Definitely will join more 10KM runs – have already schedule for 3 runs this year.  Others ? Im not sure yet. But one thing for sure, I will need to keep my health in check – after that scare -___-” …


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