Shinhwa and Big Bang comeback in Feb/Mar. g.o.d comeback rumours

… and before that, the shutdown of Megaupload (and all other filesharing websites).  Guess I will watch less and read more (recaps). Not sure if there will be torrents available for those shows that I desperately want to complete “collecting” like 1N2D (just the last few episodes), the last episode of Office Girls, the animes… praying hard and crossing fingers now.

OK, back to the topics. It will be a battle between old and new idols this coming March.  Very exciting if you live in Korea, that is. I guess I’ll just have to contend with reading about it. As for g.o.d comeback, the news said they are planning…fingers crossed?

Agency says Big Bang, rocked by two scandals, is back for good

Big Bang’s agency says the group is back for real with a post on one of its blogs that has grabbed the attention of K-pop fanatics.

“Big Bang is coming,” the blog YG Life hinted Saturday in a post with the boys’ official logo. Soon afterward, various fan Web sites were buzzing with the news.

Last year was quite a downer for Big Bang, whose leader, G-Dragon, faced charges of marijuana use, while member Daesung was involved in a car accident that left a motorcyclist dead. Although the group attended the MTV Europe Music Awards, winning the 2011 award for best worldwide act, many fans in Korea and Asia turned a cold shoulder to the group’s win.

But the head of YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun-suk, explained that the company’s main focus for the first part of this year will be on Big Bang’s successful return to the spotlight. The next big event for the group will be a March concert following the release of its new album next month.

By Cho Jae-eun

Source: Joong Ang Daily

Shinhwa to return to stage in March

Shinhwa, the pioneering idol band of the 1990s, will make its long-anticipated return to the K-pop scene in mid-March. After releasing an album in the same month, the band will perform at a comeback concert from March 24 to 25.

The band last performed four years ago in a concert to commemorate Shinhwa’s 10-year anniversary, just before the members split apart in order to fulfill their military service.

At the time the band promised fans it will make a comeback in four year’s time. In March, they will fulfill that pledge.

From last year, the members of the band started actively planning for the reunion. The members established the Shinhwa Company, which will be the agency responsible for the band’s national activities.

“From late last year, requests to composers have been made and the band is currently recording tracks for the album,” a representative from Shinhwa Company said.

“The band is set on making music that is relevant and up to date. After the album’s completion, a music video will be filmed.”

By Carla Sunwoo

Source: Joong Ang Daily

Is g.o.d real?

Speculations about boy band g.o.d’s reunion have resurfaced, seven years after the group disbanded. On Jan. 26, Ilgan Sports reported that currently ex-band members are in talks about a come-back in the works for sometime this year.

“As all members belong to separate entertainment agencies, it is a difficult process trying to put plans into motion. However all members have agreed that they want to make a come-back. In particular Danny Ahn and Kim Tae-woo’s agencies have met and expressed desires for producing an album,” said an insider close to the boy band members. Although four members consisting of Kim Tae-woo, Danny Ahn, Son Ho-young and Park Joon-hyung have expressed an interest in the band’s reformation, one member, Yoon Kye-sang, has declined to take part.

In addition, the source indicated that rather than appearing on television programs after releasing the proposed album, the boy band would concentrate on touring and meeting the fans.

“After all, g.o.d was the first idol group to focus on their performing activities, taking to some one hundred small-scale venues to meet the fans. The members want the reunion to be about entertaining their fans more than anything else,” said an industry representative.

The idol group made its debut in 1999 and sold over one million records with release of hit songs such as “Lies,” “Ordinary Day” and “Road.” In 2004, Yoon Kye-sang left the band but the band soldiered on until 2007 before members went their separate ways.

By Carla Sunwoo

Source: Joong Ang Daily


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