New drama – Spy Myeongwol

OK, Im interested in this drama because of Eric. Han Ye-Seul – ehm, not really but she did look cool in the drama stills.

Moon Jeong Hyuk: ‘I Worried Whether People Compared Me with Dok Ko Jin’

Moon Jeong Hyuk plays a Hallyu star named Kang Woo in the new KBS 2TV Monday and Tuesday drama “Beautiful Spy.”

First generation idol star Moon Jeong Hyuk (Eric) will make a comeback to TV dramas after a three-year break since his appearance in the KBS drama “Strongest Chil Woo” in 2008. Moon Jeong Hyuk will play a Hallyu star named Kang Woo — who will be a target for a North Korean spy named Han Myung Wol (Han Ye Seul) — in “Beautiful Spy.” During the production presentation held at the 63 Convention Center in Yeouido on July 5, Moon Jeong Hyuk said while smiling, “I worried whether I will be compared with another Hallyu star, Dok Ko Jin (Cha Seung Won), in the drama ‘The Greatest Love,’ and I studied very hard for differentiating my character from Dok Ko Jin. Actually, I was a huge fan of ‘The Greatest Love,’ and I watched every episode until the last one. But I felt worried because my character in this drama could be compared with the one in ‘The Greatest Love.’ I originally wanted to create my own style of speaking for a quarrel with Myung Wol, but I actually gave up and decided to play my character in as simple a way as possible. ‘Beautiful Spy’ is a romantic comedy drama, but actually it is closer to a melodrama. It will not be very funny or very exciting, rather you will find yourself smiling while watching it.”

Moon Jeong Hyuk finished his military obligation last year in October and he had planned to appear in the seafaring drama “Poseidon,” but the drama had faced a production problem and he had ended up giving up his appearance in that drama. After much troubles, he finally decided to appear in the “Beautiful Spy.” Moon Jeong Hyuk said, “I wanted to make a comeback as soon as possible, but the break time was not only bad for me. I felt more pressure in ‘Poseidon’ than now. The filming schedule for ‘Poseidon’ had been delayed and finally canceled, and I came to appear in this drama. I feel really relaxed and very happy now because I could meet these good actors and good staff members. I think that I was very lucky.”

Kang Woo in the “Beautiful Spy” will be in danger of being taken to North Korea by a beautiful North Korean spy named Han Myung Wol. Asked what he would do if he were forced to go to North Korea by falling in love with a North Korean spy, Moon Jeong Hyuk gave a witty answer, saying, “If I really love her, I will take her to South Korea.” He continued, “I had performed in Pyeongyang before, and the feelings evoked there were very strong. It was like going back to the past in a time machine. I felt sad at the same time. People in North Korea felt a longing toward South Korea. If my beloved woman wanted to take me to North Korea, I would take her to South Korea instead (laugh).”

“Beautiful Spy” must compete with other outstanding dramas such as “Goodbye Miss Ripley” on MBC and “Warrior Baek Dong Soo” on SBS. Moon Jeong Hyuk said, “I think that there will be distinguishing aspects about our drama. I worry about the smooth flow of a historical drama, but anyway I believe that our drama will be very successful.”

“Beautiful Spy” will be broadcast every Monday and Tuesday at 9:55 pm from July 11.

Source: KBS Global

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3 thoughts on “New drama – Spy Myeongwol

  1. read the reviews and they are good so far. it’s funny and just imagining Eric in such a role makes me smile. i love him being goofy … whether in dramas or in real life.

      • and Lee Dong Wook in Scent of A Woman is soooo … *speechless*. never thought he has such hot bod. maybe because i think he’s too pretty .. heh heh. i bet this drama is going to have a sad ending …

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