Love-1 Festival concert in Japan

Besides the ones listed in the article, there’s also ZE-A …but I couldnt find D-NA listed anywhere…err is ZE-A = D-NA ?

Anyway, it is not cheap – ticket is priced at 12,000 Yen – that is approximately RM 445!

First Outdoor K-Pop Festival to Be Held in Japan

The first outdoor K-Pop festival will be held in Japan. The grand-scale festival entitled “Love-1 Festival,” which will be co-hosted by Tokyo FM and Inter FM and supported by the Japanese National Tourism Organization and Terebi Asahi, will be held at the special outdoor stage of Boat Park in Chiba on July 30.

According to the official webpage ( that has recently opened, the non-verbal performance team for “Nan Ta” and a total of twelve singing groups including Kim Hyun Joong, Supreme Team, Kara, 4 Minute, Rainbow, FT Island, MBLAQ, Novasonic, Infinite, and D-NA will perform at the festival. “Love-1 Festival” is an outdoor event with the three themes of “Harmony in Asia,” “Co-existence with the environment,” and “visible donation.” Besides outdoor live performances, various events will be held during the festival including the “food area,” in which people can experience Asian food. In addition, FT Island, who has been holding a tour concert in Japan, said, “We will fly to Chiba. We are very much anticipating the live concert with our fans.” MBLAQ also said ambitiously, “We are preparing for the event very hard to present a splendid performance.”

Source: KBS Global


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