Ha Ji Won in Sector 7 promo event

Yes, I want to watch this film. Besides HJW, there’s Ahn Sung Ki and Oh Ji Ho an I also like to watch monster movie 🙂 .

I salute HJW for overcoming her fear of swimming by learning how to swim and scuba-dive, WOW!  I think she is set to become S.Korea’s first female action star. All the female stars that I know are more into dramatic roles.

Ha Ji-won Warming to Action Queen Role

Actress Ha Ji-won seemed overwhelmed with emotion during a production briefing of Korea’s first 3D action blockbuster “Sector 7” on Thursday. She described acting in the movie as “a dream come true, as I had to wait for five years,” and struggled to hold back tears of joy in between praising her colleagues.

“In fact, this film was much harder than any other work I’ve done. But the director and the other actors were so considerate, and they made the filming process so enjoyable, that I didn’t find it that difficult,” she said.

Ha spent eight hours a day swimming and training with weights to get in shape for the role, which demanded a considerable amount of physical stamina. In order to immerse herself in the world of the character, who works at sea, she also obtained a scuba diving certificate.

When the story called for her to drive a motorcycle, she surprised everyone on set by earning her license in just one week.

Her previous role as a stuntwoman in the popular TV series “Secret Garden” helped set her up for the tomboyish and competitive character she portrays in “Sector 7.”

“I think I get to do strong characters because I love new challenges,” she said. “I will try to take on more adorable and lovely roles in the future.”

“Sector 7” focuses on the battle for life among human agents and mysterious organisms deep at sea on board the oil rig Eclipse off Korea’s south coast. It will be released on Aug. 4.

Source: Chosun Ilbo


3 thoughts on “Ha Ji Won in Sector 7 promo event

  1. I’m an avid fan of haji won, i just want to say belated happy birthday to her!! I really love watching secret garden and i’m sad coz it will end two weeks from now. I’m now waiting for his new movie sector7! thanks and God Bless!!

  2. Congrats to HJW for finally obtaining a long awaited and one fit for her. I seriously hope she won’t take on too many adorable and lovely roles, as I so enjoy the ‘tomboy’ roles. Loved her in “The Duelist”.

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