Lee Byung Hun in Harcourt Studio

oooh the pics are great! They are in classic Black & White, which I like 🙂

Lee Byung Hun Takes Photos at Studio Harcourt

Lee Byung Hun became the first Asian male actor to have his photos taken at the famous studio Harcourt in France.

Hallyu star actor Lee Byung Hun (41) took photos at Studio Harcourt, which is famous for taking pictures of Hollywood stars and French celebrities — a first for an Asian male actor — his agency BH Entertainment said on June 20.

The agency said, “Studio Harcourt has been looking for an Asian model for taking pictures and suggested Lee Byong Hyn take his picture when they heard the news that Lee Byung Hun would drop by France on the way to Africa for participating in voluntary activities. Studio Harcourt, which boasts a long history and deep-rooted traditions, has been very famous for taking people’s pictures in black-and-white photographs with extraordinary directing. A person who takes a picture at this place is considered to be a celebrity.”

Chinese actress Michelle Yeoh took her picture at Studio Harcourt as the first Asian female actor around the same time. In addition, Lee Byung Hun’s photos taken at Studio Harcourt will be open at the exhibition of Studio Harcourt that will be held at Chanel Nexus Hall in Japan from June 24 to July 18. Lee Byung Hun will soon begin filming the Hollywood movie “G.I.Joe 2.”

Source: KBS Global


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