GD&Top changed logo…

Ahem…I m so surprised they were not sued by Playboy magazine when their CD were released back then.

Well, those Playboy people really did make a fuss about it and asked YG Ent to change the logo to something else.

From da news, it said that that rabbit logo means to represent the Year of the Rabbit. OHHHH, is that what it means? I thought they like the Playboy logo too much and tried to “incorporate” it into their GD’s and TOP’s name ???

The new logo still has GD’s and TOP’s name in a red heart, to represent their inner passionate feeling….refer below right-hand side:

All CDs with old logo will stop selling and CDs with new logo will be on sale in July…

GOSH…this CD will be limited edition then…should I go and grab one? šŸ˜€Ā 

News source summarized from: SINA / mydaily


One thought on “GD&Top changed logo…

  1. hi hi … i’d love to get my hands on the album with the new logo but i’ve already bought the album and there are so many other things that i want to buy which makes buying a second one of this album merely for the different logo is kinda wasteful. but if you like the album and don’t have it yet, just grab one!!

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