Dae Sung’s case

> _ < Anybody knows what will be the possible penalties for this case? Jail?

I like Dae Sung. I was quite shocked when I found out about his case.

Police: ‘Dae Sung Caused Death of Motorcyclist’

Dae Sung will be sent to the public prosecutor’s office for accidental homicide.

Dae Sung (real name Kang Dae Sung, 22) from the star idol group Big Bang, was investigated by the police, and the police found that he had struck with his car a motorcyclist — who was lying on the ground after crashing into a lamp post — and killed him. Seoul Youngdeungpo police station announced on June 24, “Kang was driving 80 kilometers per hour and struck the motorcyclist surnamed Hyun, who was lying on the ground, without seeing he had collapsed on the ground and dragged his body, causing his death.”

Kang Dae Sung was driving his Audi sedan 80 kilometers per hour at Yanghwa Bridge on May 31 at around 1:29 am in the morning and struck Hyun (30), who was lying on the ground, without noticing. After the investigation, it was determined that Kang dragged Hyun’s body for 22.8 meters and ran over his body, and then his car struck a taxi which was parked next to the motorcycle and injured the taxi driver surnamed Kim (64). Before Dae Sung’s car accident, Hyun had crashed into a streetlamp at Yanghwa Bridge on the same day at around 1:27 am while driving his motorcycle with a blood alcohol level of 0.186 percent after drinking with his friends, and he had injured his head from the previous accident.

Police concluded based on the result of investigating the scene and DNA left on the streetlamp that Hyun had not suffered any other additional accident before he was struck by Kang’s car. In addition, Hyun suffered a severe head injury after crashing into the streetlamp, but the two minutes interval before he was struck by Kang’s car was not enough time for the head injury to cause his death. Police will send Kang Dae Sung to the public prosecutor’s office for neglecting his duty of keeping his eyes forward while driving and killing Hyun according to the Act on Special Cases Concerning the Settlement of Traffic Accidents.

Source: KBS Global


One thought on “Dae Sung’s case

  1. what happened to him is so unfortunate … i pray that he will stay strong. the VIPs wish their ‘Smiling Angel’ to come back soon.

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