Shocked! Chae Dong Ha! RIP!

Gosh! I only found out today that Chae Dong Ha, the former SG Wannabe’s member, has committed suicide last Friday, 27th May.

>< I just got back from Singapore yesterday and I left very early morning on 28th May so I didnt check the late news on Friday. O_O

Seriously, the Korean Ent. Agency should include regular visit to the psychiatrist as part of their contractual terms to help the artists to manage their feelings!
So many of them have committed suicide due to depression!

Former SG Wannabe Member Chae Dong-ha Commits Suicide

Former SG Wannabe member Chae Dong-ha (real name Choi Doo-shikwas found dead this morning at his home in Eunpyeong-gu of Seoul.

According to his management WS Entertainment, Chae was in the midst of his Japan promotions. When they received calls from the singer’s Japanese agency saying they couldn’t get in touch with Chae. WS Entertainment wasn’t even aware of the fact that Chae had returned to Korea. After calling him numerous times, agency reps went down to his house to find him hanging dead. They then proceeded to call emergency 119. Chae’s reps did mention that the singer was struggling with depression.

After debuting as one of the trio members of SG Wannabe in 2002, he left the group in May of 2008. Chae then released his first solo album in November of 2009. Unfortunately, he couldn’t be active as an entertainer for a year due to neck injuries. More recently, he released his mini album last September resuming his activities.

Source: KBS World


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