Hoshi Mamoru Inu trailer

I saw the manga, the Taiwanese version, when I went to Kinokuniya yesterday (was there to buy Skip Beat Vol 23!) . I knew about this manga a few months ago but it was in Japanese version – didnt buy it though. Then this Taiwanese version stated that there is going to be a live-action movie based on the manga o_O wow! so I went online to do some googling and looked what I found – trailer, etc.

The trailer made me cry >__<

Wow, isnt the cinematography for this film just gorgeous? But this scene was in the manga, too – just seeing it in film format is a bit different. The dog’s breed is Japanese Akita…

Theme song is by Hirai Ken !!!

Review of the manga


Credit: renixtoJPA

Credit: 4everwithken


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