Usagi Drop trailer

Well, I am just aware of this manga (have yet to read it though) and am surprised to find out that there is a live-action movie being made. More surprising was it starred the ehm-recently-married-Matsuyama Kenichi (yeah, Im jealous because his wife is Koyuki!!!!)

The film about a man who went to his grandfather’s funeral and found out that his grandpa has a (very young) daughter that nobody knows until that day!

Watch the trailer
Official site

Oh, there is going to be an anime starting July 2011 and the movie is set to release in 20th August? O_O woooh…wouldnt that be…too many version(s) around the same time?

On a side note, has anyone watched Gantz (Part 1) yet? If yes, is it good?


One thought on “Usagi Drop trailer

  1. watched gantz… in malaysia TGV and dvd, they only show the english dubbed. so, i miss listening to nino’s own voice…(huge fan of ARASHI)…so, about the movie…it does follow the manga version (not all…quiet loose) since there are a few scenes differ from the manga and also some characters not there. maybe not to make it too bloody and pervy?

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