[Pics] Baby and Artist

For a orphaned child awareness campaign, I think.

The Guys
Jang Geun Suk

Lee Byung Hun – I like this picture…both of them are smiling to the camera and the baby even said hi ^_^

Lee Seung Gi

The Girls

Artist #1 – someone please tell me what is her name? -__-”

Artist #2 – she looks familiar but…cant recall her name… help? -__-”

Artist #3 – is this Lee Min Jung? -__-”

Source: mydaily / SINA


One thought on “[Pics] Baby and Artist

  1. These pictures are so cute ❤ But do you know how common is adoption in Korea, I remember erading that people didn't really want to adopt because the child would not be a blood relative. I know adoptions from Korea abroad is quite common.

    The first girl is Han Hyo Joo from Spring waltz, the secoond woman looks familiar but I can't recall her name. And I would also say the 3rd one is Lee Min Jung.

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