Muahhahaa…since when did Yamashita Tomohisa becomes a “She”?

Im not really an avid fan of him (I do watch some of his drama) but LOL at this article by KBS World.

I thought I was reading about another Japanese singer with the same name but after going through the article, they must be referring to Yamashita Tomohisa. And Im 100% sure that there’s no such female singer with the same name who’s also in NEWS.

Amended article:

Japanese Singer To Debut In Korea

After so many Korean singers diving in to get their share of the Japanese music market, finally a Japanese singer is doing the same.

Yamashita Tomohisa will be debuting in Korea on March 2nd with his solo album titled “Supergood, Superbad”. He’s planning on wasting no time before holding his own concert too on April 16-17 at the KBS 88 gymnasium. This will be his first concert in Korea. Following that, he’ll debut on Mnet’s M! Countdown on March 24th.

Nicknamed YamaPi, he broke away from the group NEWS to go solo in 2006. He’s even starred in many drama projects such as “Code Blue”, “Kurosaki”, “Producing Nobuta”, and “Dragon Sakura”.

Despite the fact that Yamashita has never been officially introduced to the Korean public, he’s pretty well known already. Especially after he was linked with SS501 Kim Hyun-joong for looking like the Japanese male version of him. Also, when he came to Korea for a personal trip in 2008, within no time, hundreds of fans had gathered in Gimpo Airport to catch a glimpse of him.

Source: KBS World, original article here
Amendment Notes:
1. amended all female pronoun of Yamashita Tomohisa to male pronoun.
2. His Japanese name is 山下智久, romanized/pronounced as Yamashita Tomohisa; surname is Yamashita.
3. uppercased “News” to NEWS.
4. amended the line “the female version of him” to “the Japanese male version of him”. Reason being “she” here is a HE and IMO, it is more accurate to state as “Japanese male version”.
Amendments by fangorn @



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