After A Better Tomorrow, there will be The Killer…

Ugh…wonder why Koreans like to remake John Woo’s classic movies.  So will they make “Hard Boiled”, too?

Oh anyone has watch the Korean remake A Better Tomorrow? I only get to watch the trailer, which is quite nice (but you cannot trust trailer)…

John Woo’s ‘The Killer’ to get 3-D remake

HONG KONG (AP): A second John Woo gangster classic will be updated with South Korean talent.

A publicists’ statement says Woo will produce the 3-D, English-language version of his 1989 crime thriller “The Killer.”

The Lion Rock Productions film will be directed by Korean-American John H. Lee and star South Korean actor Jung Woo-sung. His credits include “Reign of Assassins” and “The Good, the Bad and the Weird.”

The 1989 original starred Chow Yun-fat as a hitman who takes a final job to pay for the surgery of a nightclub singer he blinded accidentally.

A remake of Woo’s 1986 film “A Better Tomorrow” opened in September.

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One thought on “After A Better Tomorrow, there will be The Killer…

  1. I love to see different culture remake stuff, it’s cool. A different spin on something we may or may not of seen a million times rocks! I love John Woo and his movies, so come and get it ya’ll. lol

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