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Hmm…it happened last week, this news that is.  He was in some awards show and I thought it is interesting to post here.

Ive already watched “Ahjussi” (aka The Man From Nowhere) – it was gory, violent and… enjoyable (yeah, i do like blood 🙂 ).  The most standout characters (ones that I remembered) were (of course) Won Bin, Kim Sae Ron (that little girl’s name, I believe?), and Kim Seong Oh (the bad crazy guy in sporty tracksuit who later become Secretary Kim in Secret Garden!).   Oh, I recommended you watch this movie, if you havent….

Won Bin: ‘I Will Improve Myself to Shine as Actor My Entire Life’

Hallyu star Won Bin garnered a special award at the award ceremony for the “Japan Jewelry Best Dresser” held at the Tokyo Big Sight International Exhibition Center on January 26.

The award ceremony selects the “celebrities who go well with jewelry” in different age groups from teenagers to sixties every year, and Won Bin received the special award at this year’s event. Won Bin gave his thoughts, saying, “When a good stone has been polished enough for a long time, it becomes a glittering jewel. Like this, I want to become an actor who continuously polishes myself and becomes a glittering actor for my entire life.”

In addition, the Administrative Reform Minister Renho was selected in the category of female special award, but she could not participate in the ceremony due to the recent spread of Avian influenza. In last year’s award ceremony, Hallyu star Lee Byung Hun and Miyuki Hatoyama, who is the wife of former Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama, had garnered the special awards

Source: KBS Global


7 thoughts on “Won Bin News

  1. yes, Ahjusshi is a great movie and Won Bin is so cool in it. i love the girl since i saw her in A Brand New Life. have you seen Lee Byung Hun’s and Choi Min Shik’s I Saw the Devil? if you think Ahjusshi is violent, wait till you see this one. i think it is one of the most violent movies i’ve seen … but it’s a great one.

    • No, havent watched I Saw The Devil, need to wait for a good sub/dload link. I just finished “Sworn Brothers” (Kang dong-won + Song Kang-ho) – DVD version 🙂 . It was good too.

  2. I loved Ahjusshi, it’s been a while since I saw a good action movie and I really enjoyed it and who could resist Won Bin.
    Should try to watch Mother as well, I heard it was a very good film.

    • oh Jenny, I already watched “Mother”. It is also a good film but less violent – more, how I should I say it, artistic. IMO, Ahjussi is kindof more commercial than “Mother”.

      • I know the basic plot to Mother and just remember hearing so much good things about it (love the actress who acts the mom, she was the awesome grandmother in Goong)
        Just wondering if it’s worth a watch ^^

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