[Pics] Kim Soo Hyun Chinese New Year Greeting

oh my…he’s so cute in those traditional korean costume…

In Ep9 of Dream High, he get to steal a kiss from Suzy ^^… but more heartbreak from him in Ep10 next week ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I heard that he’s the 2nd lead (instead of the 1st lead) in the drama (from what ppl said/commented) but I want him to get the girl (in the end; if he’s not dead yet by that time – what with the hearing problem **rolleyes** ) instead of ย Taecyeon -__-

^ this is cute, cute, cute x10 times…

Source: mydaily / SINA

5 thoughts on “[Pics] Kim Soo Hyun Chinese New Year Greeting

  1. i love this boy in Will It Snow in Christmas. he’s really good. unfortunately, i couldn’t summon any interest to watch his new drama. and that’s because i don’t like the some of the other casts especially the one you mentioned above.

    • ah…Im looking for sth light-hearted so DH is quite a good one – so far. He’s terribly adorable in it. I think for serious drama, you should watch Giant, which Im trying to “motivate” myself to continue watching Ep 31-60 o_O Im halfway through already but ugh…I need to download another 30 more episodes ….

  2. He’s just too cute to be described, isn’t it? Just look at those eyes, and his smile *faint*

    By the way, did he appeared a lot in Giant/Will it snow in christmas? I really wanna see more of him. He’s a very talented actor and singer ๐Ÿ™‚

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