Hyun Bin confirmed to attend Berlin Intl FF

I dont think he’s the one who ditched army service, although I understand the concerns of the relevant authorities.  Ditching will be unimaginable repercussions for himself and his career!  No one in the right mind will do that…o_O

Anyway, I need to go and search which 9 Korean movies were invited to the Festival this year.  Hopefully, both of his movies will do well in the festival 🙂

Hyun Bin to Attend Berlin International Film Festival

It had been unclear whether the actor Hyun Bin, who will join the Marine Corps on March 7, would be able to attend the Berlin International Film Festival, but his attendance has finally been confirmed. According to a person in the film industry on January 31, Hyun Bin has received permission from relevant authorities and he can now leave Korea from February 15 to 23 to walk the red carpet at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Hyun Bin had requested permission to travel to attend the film festival, but some people said that it might be impossible to leave the country in a situation where he has only one month left before he joins the army. But Hyun Bin had received a letter of reference from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and submitted it to the Military Manpower Administration, and the military authority had judged that his leave to attend the festival would be a proper leave and finally permitted his request.

The movie “Come Rain Come Shine,” in which Hyun Bin appears with actress Im Soo Jeong, has advanced to the competition in the category of long film, and his other movie “Late Autumn,” in which he appears with Chinese actress Tang Wei, has been invited to screen at the forum of the festival.

Nine total Korean movies have officially been invited to the 61st Berlin International Film Festival, which will begin from February 10.

Source: KBS Global


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