Random Song 2

Im liking these “random song” posts ^^.

Rediscovering old mandarin song this time.  I was looking at my old, old data cds, where I burnt all those old mp3s that I have since 2002 and found this group, that I have forgotten o_O.

Im not sure if any of the readers here heard Tension. They were a group discovered by David Tao.  Their songs were mostly Pop/R&B, which I like.

It is a sad thing that they have disbanded because there are not many vocal male groups in TW nowadays…err…all I see are rock/band and idol groups. No R&B!

This is one of the songs that I like – from their Vol 2.  Main vocals for this song were Brian and Jimmy (watch the video if you want to know their faces).

Tension – Every Step (一步一步)

Listen Here

Download Here

Watch Here


Who’s who: refer to the MV in order of appearance -> John, Raymond, Brian, Andy and Jimmy.

Performance Clip

Note: Did you know that Jimmy Hung is the son of Sammo Hung ? He looks quite like his elder brother – Timmy Hung!


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