[Pics] Recently arrived CDs and then some…

hahaha… I dont know how to title-d this post but these are all the pics from those CDs that I mentioned / received / bought earlier.

Some people did ask me why do I still buy CDs when the music is readily available on the internet…. “waste of money”, etc…

Well, it’s a fact that I do download from the internet because it is the fastest mode where I can listen to those songs from those singers that I like.

BUT I always buy the CDs if I like them enough (the songs) or Im already a fan of the singer(s) [as a show of support].  Another contributing reason is the packaging.  There are some CDs that really to die for ><  – Im not joking … some Korean and Japanese CDs or DVDs are really packaged well… and Im not even referring to those that belong to Idol-singers.

ah…enough ramblings on my own..shall we proceed to the pics 😛

Let’s start off with K.will’s CDs…

K.will  – Dropping The Tears (Mini Album)

K.will  – Vol 2 – Miss, Miss and Miss

Both of the CDs have the same type of paper and designed almost similarly.  I initially wanted to buy Vol 2 first before the mini album but found out that it was out of stock…therefore I have to go and buy the mini album first before it runs out of stock!

The packaging for Vol 2 is really nice, way better than his Vol 1.  There are many drawings (sketch?) in each leaflet of the lyric book and the CD cover is nicely designed too ^^ .  So far, Im liking the packaging.

Wheesung  – Vocolate

Wheesung  – RealSlow is Back

No grand prize in guessing why I bought Wheesung CD o_O … I actually bought Vocolate here in M’sia because it came with a poster but the price is I think, 10+ RM more than if I buy it online (without poster).  I noticed that most wheesung cds are pretty standard size and stuff… not really different packaging… though he usually have tons of pictures inside the album, either in the lyrics book or somewhere…

I do like the Realslow is back’s many pics of different wheesungs. However, compared to the quality…hmm…not that good, if I compare it to say Vocolate (nicer paper and that rectangle cd size/container/whatever-you-called-it) , his Vol 5 – eternal essence of music and vol 6 – with all my heart and soul.  I dont really dig glossy paper 😛

Now, Im patiently waiting if he will release the DVD version of “Realslow is Back” (the concert edition 3D). If yes, I will buy it, no matter what!

Hmm…offtopic, did I take pics of his Vol 6 or his other cds? I need to check, if not, I will take them someday 😛

Wokay, wheesung and k.will are out of the way, let’s move on to …. Park Hyo Shin!!

Park Hyo Shin – Vol 1 and Vol 2

Hwang Project with Park Hyo Shin – Welcome to Fantastic World (Limited Edition – Diary + CD)

Park Hyo Shin – Gift Part 1

Park Hyo Shin – Gift Part 2

Now you know why I put his CDs’ pics last… too many pics ><

Out of all 5 CDs, the earliest that I bought was GIFT Part 1; bought in M’sia with poster – similar price to Wheesung’s Vocolate.  Then followed by Hwang Project CD – which I took a long time to decide whether I should get the limited edition or the normal version.  Glad that I got the limited edition ^^.

Then the latest batch are his Vol 1, Vol 2 and GIFT Part 2.

I went ga-ga when I opened GIFT Part 2 – look at those lyrics card – simply amazing! And the packaging absolutely complimented Part 1, if you put them together (at least the boxes are!).

After I took these pics, I went and took out his existing CDs (Soultree, Time-honored voice, BEST, neo-classicism) and most of the CDs have nice packaging, with the exception of BEST.  I dont think I took pics of those other cds…so next time ^^

Vol 1 and Vol 2 are pretty standard cds…well, they are old cds, I dont expect much.  Im collecting them because well, dont know if I can get them later if not now!!!

18 thoughts on “[Pics] Recently arrived CDs and then some…

  1. Oopsss…. sorry moshi91… wrong info for part 1… I bought it in my local store!!! Mianhe , I forgotten until you mentioned the poster!!! But it was expensive to buy it in my local store …

    • yeah~ and waiting for his next concert, really wanna go to his concert~ where is the shop? rock corner? normally they only sell those idol cd..didn’t know got sell hyoshin’s at all…i wanna collect all of his album *0* recently i saw qoo10 website got sell his album, but don’t think they include poster : (

      • Oh!!! You are Malaysian?? Wow! 😀 … the store where I bought the album is Victoria Music Station at Sg Wang. It is very rare to find PHS album there. Yeah, they usually sells girl/boy idol group albums.

        Where is this qoo10 website??? Local website? YesAsia is HK-based.

  2. Oh… and I have also bought Part 3 (white) – the album he released before he went for his military enlistment. So now I am waiting for his new album (since he is out of army duties already) 🙂

    • yeah the condition of the CDs are nice. hmm…I didnt compare the price over at qoo10 but that’s another option for me…later I will see if can find other “rare” cds 🙂 thanks for the info.. .have you ordered before with qoo10?

      • Yeah since it’s korea based, the collection is more complete..i’m planning to try qoo10 but i guess i’ll buy the 1st album first,afraid it’ll sold out 🙂

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