This is a short quick post… Im SOOOOOO happy!

I cant believe that the cds that Ive ordered have arrived.  They arrived on 24th, but didnt know about it until 25th…lol, it’s like Xmas present to me, by me (i bought it le).

Anyway, ive captured some pics of those cds and going to post them up soon, along with the other cds that Ive ordered a few months back.

Ive updated my “Own CDs” page and I just realised that O_O I have a LOT of Park Hyo Shin’s CDs!!! …except the OSTs (which I dont buy them), his live DVD (no stock), and hmm…this one -> clickie <- seems a bit similar to his Best CD le (that’s what I thought).  Should I buy it?

Im thinking of getting the following cds on my next order:

  • Someday Vol 1 – I love this album
  • 4Men – 3rd generation
  • One of Son Ho Young Cds…or Monday Kiz…or dont know yet… ><

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