[Pics] 2010 Blue Dragon Award

Im back..actually a few weeks but lazy to update wp.  Ive got a new handphone recently so been spending a few days playing with my new toy 🙂

Missed a lot of news and now playing catch-up to all the previous news. These pics were from the recent concluded Blue Dragon Awards. Won Bin didnt win the Best Actor award but he won the popularity award…so is TOP I think.  Sworn Brothers won the Best Film.

Out of all the guys, I think TOP was the most eye-catching one 😛 the white hair + purple suit ?

Hosts: Lee Bum Soo and the ultra-sexy Kim Hye-Soo

Son Ye Jin

Han Hye Jin

I believe this flowery lady of grey is Lee Min Jung…

Park Min Young – I believe this is her

Jin Goo

Park Jin Hee

Soo Ae

T.O.P. !

Everyone’s favorite Kim Tak Goo! (aka Yoon Shi Yoon)

Lee Byung Hun

My recent crush – Song Joong Ki!

The man from nowhere – Won Bin

^ finally have a pic of him smiling 🙂

Source: mydaily / SINA / pics re-uploaded by fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com


4 thoughts on “[Pics] 2010 Blue Dragon Award

  1. who won the best actor award then? i didn’t watch. all i know is both Won Bin and TOP won popularity award and TOP also won best male rookie award.

      • oh who’s he? sorry but Im not “tune” in to a LOT of actors… any particular movie to take note of?

        BTW, I have the raw version of Won Bin’s new movie…but no sub for that version (very HD) … very violent but he’s really very “man” in that movie !

        I found another version (prob less HQ than the current one) but this one has subs!!! so probably will only be able to watch tomorrow … cant wait ^_^

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