Man of The Hour: Song Joong Ki

Found this article @ KBS World…

yes, agreed that he has really really good skin (better than girls!!!)

First heard about him in “Will It Snow For Christmas?” …took little notice until SKK.  Then have to watch that gynaecology drama that he did before SKK.  Now have decided to watch Triple to continue my “obsession” 🙂

It appears that the man of the hour in k-pop these days is Song Joong-Ki of popular drama “Sunggyungwan Scandal”. The show really catapulted him into the main spotlight and he’s been sweeping every celebrity-related survey out there these days.

So what’s so great about Song? Well, let’s first start off with his skin. According to a couple of recent surveys, the young star has been noted to have the best skin out of all the male celebrities. There was one such survey titled “Even as a female, I’m jealous of THIS male celebrity’s skin” where he took 54% of the votes, taking first place. Another survey asking for which star — male or female — has the most moisturized looking skin. Of course Song took first place again, although this time he tied with veteran actress Go Hyun-jung.

Song Joong-Ki has an image that even young students love. According to a survey titled, “The celebrity that I most want to be cheered on by when I take my college entrance exam…”, Song took first place. Another one asking for who the hottest rising star in k-pop culture was, also saw Song take top honors. It’s clear that all eyes are on this young man to see where this wave of popularity will take him. A survey more specific to Song’ s show, “Sunggyungwan Scandal”, asked for the best flower boy (pretty boy) from the drama. No surprise that Song took first in that survey too.

Song’s representatives at SidusHQ confirmed his top stardom by saying he’s been receiving offers from all sectors of the industry : movies, dramas, commercials.

Source: KBS World


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