TOP is nominated for Best Newcomer in 47th DaeJong Awards

I couldnt find the official website to look for the full nomination list >< . Maybe will do search later.

TOP Tops Idol Stars By Being Nominated For Acting Newbie Award

Big Bang member TOP is truly proving to be at the top.

Or he is if we’re talking about speed. TOP was the first idol star to break out onto the big time film festival scene with an award nomination.

TOP drew a lot of attention for his impressive acting skills displayed in the movie “Into The Gunfire”. He carried his weight as a main character, shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Kwon Sang-woo and Cha Seung-won. The film was about a group of students who fought to defend their country against North Korea during the Korean War.

For this performance, TOP was nominated for the “New Actor Award” at the DaeJong Awards Film Festival. This marks him as the first idol star to successfully cross over into the acting realm, and being recognized at a large scale film festival like this one. A few idol stars have broken into the Chungmuro International Film Festival, but never before into the Daejong Awards.

The festival reps said that the nominees were carefully selected through a fair and reflective process. The Big Bang member will be up against Song Sae-byeok and Daniel Choi. This is going to be a tough call as all three young stars have starred in notable projects this year. Song was in the hit film “The Servant” and Choi was in the commercial hit “Cyrano Agency”.

Source: KBS Global

One thought on “TOP is nominated for Best Newcomer in 47th DaeJong Awards

  1. hi hi hi … i couldn’t stop smiling the whole day after finding out about the nomination. it’s my wish comes true!! to be nominated is already such an honour and it would be really great if he wins.

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