Cyrano Dating Agency overtook Mu Juk Ja as #1 in S.Korean B.O.

The top 5 Korean Weekly B.O. from 24th Sep to 26th Sep:

(Film Title) – (3 days admission) – Number of screens

  1. Cyrano Dating Agency – 428, 103 – 484
  2. Mu Juk Ja – 304,057 – 464
  3. Despicable Me (US) – 285,244  – 364
  4. Troubleshooter – 210,263 – 397
  5. Resident Evil: Afterlife (US) – 207,176 – 358

Source: KOFIC / KOBIS / Cine21

Hmm…and I thought “Mu Juk Ja” could stay at the top since there’s no new movie opening for last week.   The top 5 movies are still the top 5 movies from week of 17th – 19th Sep, but the position for each movie, except “Troubleshooter”, has changed.  “Despicable Me” moved 2 spots to #3, “Resident Evil” dropped 3 places to #5.  “Cyrano Dating Agency” moved up 2 places to #1.

Good news for Won Bin’s “Ahjussi” – I have expected it to fall from Top 10 but it moved 1 place to #7.  I believe it has now surpassed “Inception” to be the #1 movie for year 2010 (for now).  It had 101,320 admissions last week, with a total of  6,005,464 admissions.  I have data from SINA that the last known admissions for “Inception” is 5,866,760 (as at 24th Sep).  Since “Inception” has dropped out from Top 10, don’t think it can overtake “Ahjussi” any longer.

Now back to Top 10.  “The Borrowers” stayed at #6.  Position is the same as last 2 weeks.  8th place is occupied by Han Jae Suk and Kim Su Ro’s Quiz King, dropped 1 place from week 17th.  “Cats & Dogs: The Revenge Of Kitty Galore” and “Grand Prix” (Kim Tae Hee, Yang Dong Geun) swapped places:  “Grand Prix” dropped to #10 while “Cats” moved up 1 position.

No film has dropped out of Top 10 for week 24th Sep … only changed places.

Did a little peek at what movie will be opening this week (30th September).  According to Cine21, there are 6 movies:

  • Wheesung: Live in 3D
  • Eat, Pray and Love  (Julia Robert)
  • 살인의 강 [Murder River] (Shin Sung Rok, Kim Da Hyeon) – HanCinema link
  • 방가? 방가! [Delighted? Delighted!] (Kim In Kwon, Kim Jeong Tae)
  • 나를 닮은 얼굴 [Resilience]
  • 빗자루, 금붕어 되다 [A Broom Becomes A GoldFish] (Yoo Soon Woong, Kim Jae Rok) – HanCinema link

“A Broom Becomes A GoldFish” was produced in 2008 while “Resilience” was produced in 2009.  Err…released only now ?  I cant find any English info on “Resilience” but from the stills and posters,  I think it is a documentary… anyone knows?

Considering the list of the movies above, I think Julia Robert’s movie could challenge the Top 5.  Since I dont know how many screens “Murder River” will be in so not sure if it can challenge Top 5 … probably Top 10 ?  What I hope for – “Ahjussi” to stay in Top 10 🙂   – maybe **crossingfingers** M’sian distributor will bring it here for screening


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