Mu Juk Ja debuted at No.1 at Korean B.O.

The top 5 Korean Weekly B.O. from 17th Sep to 19th Sep:

(Film Title) – (3 days admission) – Number of screens

  1. Mu Juk Ja (new) – 312,863 – 485
  2. Resident Evil: Afterlife (US; new) – 297,792 – 367
  3. Cyrano Dating Agency (new) – 267,061 – 472
  4. Troubleshooter – 192,773 – 412
  5. Despicable Me (US; new) – 147,231  – 362


As expected, “Mu Juk Ja” dethroned “Troubleshooter”, which fell to 4th place.  “Troubleshooter” have now admitted a total of 1,013,530 people.  “Cyrano Dating Agency” moved up 1 spot to #3. I think “Mu Juk Ja” will continue to dominate the Top 10 this week too 🙂 , with those A-list actors.  I read that there is no new movies release this weekend.

6 out of 10 movies in the Top 10 were new – wow! that’s a LOT of movies being kicked out of Top 10.  The movies that were not in Top 10:  “Inception”, “Killers”, “I Saw The Devil”, “The Last Airbender”, “Bedevilled”.  I think I missed one here, hmm…according to last week data, there’s an unnamed Korean film that I dont know in the Top 10…maybe that’s the one ??

Anyway, where’s Won Bin’s “Ahjussi”?  Err..still in Top 10 but at #8. Had 67,545 admissions over the weekend, which now bring its total admissions to 5,739,226 – added 181, 059 admissions from last week.  I have no data on how “Inception” was doing but its last known total admissions was 5,840,785…I hope it will stay 1-2 more weeks in the Top 10 (quite unlikely) so that it will be the #1 movie in S.Korea this year 🙂 .

Ghibli movie “The Borrowers” dropped from #2 to #6.  Another new Korean movie, “Quiz King”, debuted at #7 with 113,913 admissions in 381 screens. Kim Tae Hee and Yang Dong Geun’s new movie “Grand Prix” debuted at #9 (49,052 admissions for 284 screens).  The last Top 10 place is occupied by “Cats & Dogs: The Revenge Of Kitty Galore”.


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