[Pics] Wheesung Live in 3D (Live in Theater) It’s Real 2010 concert

I was checking on upcoming movie when I found this – didnt even know that he has this being released! O_O

It’s a concert, shown in theater, in 3D! … if it is being shown here, would I go? I dont really like 3D but I love wheesung ~~ so I guess I will go (must is a better word).  As if it will be shown here LOL . But Im keeping watch if this will be release in DVD format – then I will definitely buy it.

There are pics from the premiere, stills and poster below the break.  The premiere was on 17th Sep. Actual release date on 30th September.

Oh yes, does anyone know how/where to buy Korean book online (without the important Korean ID?)

Note: click for larger version, please do not hotlink pictures


^ the poster, IMO, especially the green “whee-thingy” in the middle is a bit disturbing. Im not sure if it is meant to be viewed with the 3d glasses to see the effect.  However, I am absolutely in love with the lower left and right sections where you can see all the various type of “audience” that wheesung portrayed.  Narcissism here? 😛

17th Sep Premiere

Im so bad at the faces nowadays so will anyone help me list down who’s who here? I’ll label them so it will be easier to list.

Artist #1

Artist #2 – she’s MC that I saw in variety show but I dont really know her name!

Artist #3 – Baek Ji Young (right?)

Artist #4 – Brian Joo – I wont forget this face 🙂

Artist #5 –

Artist #6 –

Artist #7 –

Artist #8 – LOL, I will never forget this face,either …hahahaha…. Whee Sung 🙂


^ I like this pic… ^^

Concert Stills

The quality of these pics made me want to go to Seoul on 30th Sep to watch this film immediately!

Source: Cine21 / Innolife / pics reuploaded by fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com



One thought on “[Pics] Wheesung Live in 3D (Live in Theater) It’s Real 2010 concert

  1. The guy in 7th picture is Jonghyun from SHINee 🙂
    I would go to see this concert if I could just to show my support for Wheesung.

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